Ozma - Rock & Roll Part Three (Cover Artwork)


Rock & Roll Part Three (2001)

Kung Fu

Ozma is a fresh band that seems to have some of the best sounds out there. Sounding somewhat like Weezer they mix it up with some sweet ass melody. The songs are very easy to sing with and lyrics are layed out very well within the melody. Im tired of the bands that are so dis-organized when it comes to playing music. This band just happens to show all, that the beat does in fact matter. This is the kind of music you listen to with your girlfriend, or at a party hanging out with your many friends.

This album goes above and beyond with some of the best songs out there. The songs worth mentioning on this record are, "The ups and downs," which showcase the rockin melodies. The second one that brings out the best of this cd is, "Baseball." This is actually my favorite song. It starts out with a fairly slow beat, and then proceeds to blow your ass away with the guitar, drums, ect.

With such a different sound, and meaningful vocals this band and record will soon be recognized. This release is nothing short of a must have.