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The Indecision Alarm

The Indecision Alarm (2006)

Tic Tac Totally

The Indecision Alarm is an absolute delight. Proving you can mix aspects from Hot Water Music (gruff, practically identical twin vocal delivery) and Avail (melodic hardcore overtones, occasionally speedy tempos) and yet sound virtually nothing like Smoke or Fire, this Swedish quartet plow through eight surprisingly fluid, versatile tunes in a consistently enjoyable 19 minutes.

The variety really is the strength of The Indecision Alarm. They'll exhibit that aforementioned speed sometimes to great execution ("Time for the Big Guns, Baby," "Coup de Grace," "The Frail Strength of One"), all the while knowing just the right place for that backing, urgent vocal. If not flying along at that fast tempo, they'll rear back to more mid-paced porch anthems, like the more rhythmic, accessible Leatherface channeling of "Through the Bandages" or "Above Us All" and the absolutely excellent chorus of "Treadmill."

The Indecision Alarm's debut EP is easily one of the best for straight up punk rock you can find around. Granted, experience in past bands (Union Square, Adhesive, Straitjacket Generation, Anguish) has probably helped a lot, but if they sound this good so early on who knows what's next.

Time for the Big Guns, Baby

The Indecision Alarm EP