No Risk - The Great Demise (Cover Artwork)
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No Risk

The Great Demise (2007)


No Risk is not at the epitome of proficiency, nor organization regarding their raw, rather Bigwig-influenced sound, but The Great Demise isn't half-bad considering.

This seven-song EP is simply missing something. From the pseudo-ska dose of "Scene Politics" to the sloppy "Soundtrack of Our Generation," you can hear something good stirring but the end result just doesn't sit on the tongue amazingly. It's better than most 'local band' releases but just doesn't quite pass the threshold. There's lots of somewhat intricate riffs and a solid, aggressive pace, but If the arrangements were tightened up, the vocals delivered with a stronger conviction, I think something would really be on tap here.

The Great Demise unfortunately does not churn out exceptional anthems, or many memorable points, but as far as first outputs go it's not the bottom of the barrel -- maybe just an arm's length down.

Soundtrack of Our Generation [clip]

Scene Politics
Listening Disorder
Whores and Heroes