Mineral - The Power of Failing. (Cover Artwork)


The Power of Failing. (1995)


It's always nice when you discover a band (or album) that hits you in a way much like a breath of fresh air after a long night in a crowded bar. When I first listened to The Power of Failing. by Mineral, I was really impressed with them musically, just the way they sounded so cohesive and how at any point in time I could find myself humming some of the bass or guitar parts in my head. Too bad they only lasted through the `90s; they still made an impact however on how indie and emotional music would be made afterwards.

If you are into this type of music, this is definitely one of the best indie/emotional rock albums that I've ever heard and I hold it in high regard, much like Sunny Day Real Estate's album Diary. The only defect (if you could even call it that) on this album would have to be the length of the songs; however, all the songs are pretty amazing all the way through. The shortest track falls around the 3:15 minute mark while the rest usually push over five minutes.

The music itself is quite moving: beautiful guitars, well-placed bass lines, and great drums charge the engine of this band. The vocals are emotional and energetic as vocalist Chris Simpson pours every amount of feeling and vigor into the mic. The songs are slow, melodic, and the instrumentation will baffle you. The best track on this album (in my opinion) titled "Slower" holds lyrics like "I scream into the wind and laugh / As the words slap me in the face / I would gladly trade a lifetime of convenience / For an honest day or two" are alone powerful but the way that Simpson's haunting voice delivers them are unforgettable. Whether it's on top of noisy distorted guitars, clean and subtle picking or strumming, his voice really completes the sound of this band and makes a distinct mark on first listen.

This album is very enjoyable, and any fan of brilliant and moving music will be impressed. If you are into bands such as the Gloria Record, Sunny Day Real Estate or even American Football than I highly recommend picking this up along with their last release titled EndSerenading; you won't be disappointed at all.

Standout tracks:

  • Slower
  • Parking Lot
  • Five Eight, And Ten
  • July
  • Take the Picture