Mineral - EndSerenading (Cover Artwork)


EndSerenading (1998)


After the very first moments of The Power of Failing, I knew that Mineral was special. This album pushes them past that spectrum into unbelievable. EndSerenading is one of the most brilliant and moving albums ever and I say that with confidence. You want real emotion? Real passion? Get this album, now.

From start to finish this piece of art has greatness written all over it. I am unable to point out any flaws about this album; anybody who enjoys any type of music will be overwhelmed with the energy and emotion pouring through every second of every song on here.

Much like their previous release, singer/guitarist Chris Simpson provides his recognizable vocals that fit perfectly over beautiful music, whether it be slow tempos or crashing guitars. The instrumentation is complex and provides its own unique sense of raw energy as it takes the listener on a journey that they won't ever want to come back from. The first track, "Lovelettertypewriter" is the perfect song to prepare one for this journey, as beautiful guitar work along with Simpson's haunting and crooning vocals will send chills down your spine and literally give you goosebumps. It really sets the atmosphere that the album will constantly support throughout its entirety.

"Aletter" will spin your head around as it switches from slower tempos and then blasts you in the face with huge, distorted guitar hooks that flow with the distinct vocals of this band. "& Serenading" showcases Simpson's ability to write meaningful and emotional lyrics such as "When I was a boy I could hear / Symphonies in seashells / So why am I so deaf at 22 / To the sound of the driving snow / That drives me home to you."

All in all, this is one of the best albums ever recorded and I can guarantee others agree with that statement. It truly saddens me that this band broke up because they had so much talent and creativity and both of their full-length albums are so damn amazing. The word amazing doesn't even do this band justice, I don't think there's a word to describe it, it's just too hard. If you don't have this album, seriously get it, it's a must-have that never gets old. I've said just about all I can about this album and this band, the rest is up to you to give this a listen. I assure you that you will have to pick your jaw up off the ground because that's where it will be until the very last second on this album runs out.

Stand out tracks:
--the whole album--