Yukon - Mortar (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Mortar (2006)

Terra Firma

Will Yukon blow you away with massive, noisy fests of indie rock? Probably not. Will you remember Mortar long after you've listened? Eh, maybe not much. Will you get a fair enjoyment out of listening anyway due to a collection of jagged, intercrossing riffs, weird time changes and endless moments that sound vaguely like a melting pot of Fugazi and a more accessible Sonic Youth? Well, I would. Oh, may as well add Drive Like Jehu to that list.

Mortar is, well, indeed just that. Its eight songs manage to stretch out the album's length to 35 minutes, but rarely is there a dull moment to be found. All that can be found compelling with Yukon lays in their creative flow of riffs that bounce off each other second in and second out. Around half the time the main vocalist will also yell out his incomprehensible lyrics much the same way the less restrained and gruffer Jon Weisnewski (Akimbo) lends a compliment to his own band's music. While this makes Mortar pretty one-sided, at least it's a fairly enjoyable side.

There's not entirely much more to say about Yukon's Mortar. It's a good listen, but come some solid songwriting skills it could definitely be great.