Lifetime - Jersey's Best Dancers (Cover Artwork)


Jersey's Best Dancers (1997)

Jade Tree

After the release of this album in 1997, Lifetime broke up. Fans were saddened, but the band left them with this great piece of music. What can I say? From start to finish, Jersey's Best Dancers is a punk masterpiece, and a brilliant way for Lifetime to say goodbye to the music world.

Lifetime was always known for the high amount of lyrical emotion, amazing riffs, vocals, and most of all, a great live show. All that energy is displayed on this disc, in just about twenty five minutes. There are so many amazing things to describe this band, but it's just hard to put it.

After listening to Jersey's Best Dancers, you will definitely have lyrics and memorable parts stuck in your mind for days. If you pick this up, I have a feeling it won't be leaving your player for a while.

I have many regrets, not seeing Lifetime live is one of them. If you had the chance, consider yourself lucky. I can only imagine the high energy packed into a Lifetime show. It had to have been amazing.

Every band progreses. With their debut release, The Background, potential was shown, but the whole package wasn't there yet. After finding a permanent line up, Hello Bastards was released. It blew the scene away. With Jersey's Best Dancers, Lifetime displays itself at its very best.

Ari Katz is one of the most under-rated punk vocalists of all time. The depth in his voice is amazing. The guitar work on this album by Dan Yemin and Pete Martin is great, as is the bass work by Dave Palaitis. Scott Golley is kicking on the drums.

The songs are short, but it doesn't even matter. Each is amazing in its own way. Songs like Turpike Gates, Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show, and How We Are, are just a few of my favorites. Ari took simple situations like loneliness, and basement shows and created incredible lyrics. Again, I just can't describe the amount of emotion that this band displayed.

New Jersey has brought out some of the most memorable punk bands. Lifetime is somewhere at the top of that list. The scene there is just amazing.

Lifetime had such a strong impact on the scene. They influenced so many listeners, and musicians over the years. This will continue as more and more kids pick up a Lifetime release and give it a chance.

Should you buy this? If you'd like to think you have good taste in the scene, absolutely. It should be a staple in your collection. Jersey's Best Dancers is a classic, but sadfully, it will never get the recognition it deserves.

    Could we be saved by intentions and hopes
    because I'm not alright
    the night seems to swallow me whole and spits out second guessing