Sick of it All - Call to Arms (Cover Artwork)

Sick of it All

Call to Arms (1999)

Fat Wreck Chords

"Oh my god! Noooo Sick of it All moved to Fat, they're going to suck now" That sums up most everyones' opinions I heard prior to this album being released. But to hell with all the naysayers, SOIA proved and has proved in the past that a label change wouldn't affect their sound at all.

But yeah, I admit I did have a little doubt; I thought to myself "I have been an SOIA fan for some 6 odd years now, I knew this band would always stick to their NYC hardcore roots". and that's precisley what they did.

My faith was restored! 15 fast, furious, and angry anthems that only SOIA can pump out with such power. They are sure here to spread their message and let everyone know they're a huge force to be reckoned with.

I'm not going to call it a perfect album..1 or 2 songs lack their usual rawness, but then others take you straight back to their very first release. It's a little mixed up, I think they wanted to serve up some straight forward hardcore..but put a little twist on some songs. But not enough however to completely change their sound. SOIA has always been able to take 95% old school NYC style hardcore and mix in whatever other styles they feel fit in.

"Let Go", "Falter", "Guilty", "Sanctuary", "Morally Confused", "Pass the Buck", and "Drastic" stand out on this album...Most others are good as well, but what can I say??? I like my music with mad speed so those songs were the first to get my attention.

If you want a break from all the Newer style, more pop influenced hardcore check this or any of their fine releases out. One band whom you can always count on to bring you the same brand of music everytime ( which is good in some cases.) It's definitley no "Built to Last" but it's worth hearing nonetheless.