Permanent - Sink|Swim (Cover Artwork)
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Sink|Swim (2007)


Permanent also happens to be the name of Count Me Out's second full-length, and with Sink|Swim you can certainly tell the fellow Richmond, VA hardcore outfit were influenced by them. However, Permanent take their own ambitious, original strides with plenty of subtle dynamics, restrained tempos, emotion that's never forced, an overall unique feel, and best of all: zero mosh parts.

The approach Permanent takes to an otherwise straightforward style here brings to mind their west coast contemporaries in Sinking Ships (especially in Sink|Swim's standout track, the "Ghost Story"-esque "And Kings"); while Permanent's songs usually don't sound as immediately accomplished, there are plenty of little things that keep the album steady and interesting. "Void of Course" builds with a crescendo that doesn't quite ever peak, but definitely lets you anticipate the explosion all the way through -- and while that explosion never really comes, the song definitely works regardless. "Sidestepping" closes with a couple Bad Brains-style upstrokes, while the title track is a crafty, mid-tempo yet lively instrumental. The longest track here, "My Efforts Toward Disaster," is also one of the best with artful guitar chords, a refreshing tempo change and a beautifully reflective closing. Speaking of reflective closings, "Virtue of Vices" does it quite memorably; "Maybe fast songs will remind you where you once stood" is a line sure to stick in your head long after the fact.

All the way through we're led by a throaty rasp that complements the music well enough, while a similar lyrical approach to SS is prevalent here: There's lots of well-expressed confusion, desolation, and all those great, youthful feelings throughout.

Sink|Swim is a surprisingly solid and fluid debut from a young band who seem destined for nothing but greatness if they continue down the path they're tearing through here.

Void of Course
The Van Song
Can't Settle