Langhorne Slim - When the Sun's Gone Down (Cover Artwork)

Langhorne Slim

When the Sun's Gone Down (2005)


Comparisons to Bob Dylan are certainly a dime a dozen today when describing folk singers. Langhorne Slim is no different. He's Jewish, from New York (Brooklyn to be exact) and wears an assload of plaid. Not to mention he plays a mean guitar and and an even meaner harmonica. This could count against many up-and-coming troubadours. However, Langhorne uses it to his distinct advantage. He seems to embrace his "Jewish cowboy" image.

His 2005 release on Narnack Records shows a multi-talented new artist that knows how to write not only a great folk song, but a great country and bluegrass tune as well. With ridiculous banjo reminiscient of "Deliverance" ("Set Em Up"), a love song nothing short of sublime ("By the Time the Sun's Gone Down"), and a fantastic classic sing-along to close the album ("I Love to Dance"), the album prompts a response from the listener somewhere along the lines of "I haven't heard anything like this, ever" and "who the fuck is this guy?"

Now, I like a good angry anthem, however, this is simply not the album to get if that's what you want. This can make even the most forlorn Taking Back Sunday fan dance like he doesn't care what his ex-girlfriend thinks. This is happy, even when he sings about a cheating girlfriend ("If it's True"). This is only for people who just want to have a great time with their music, and don't mind a little old-timey soul to go with it.

Although this album might be hard to come by without mailorder (as most good albums seem to be these days), this release is defenitely worth going out on a limb for. It's just that good. And if you get the chance, check out his live show. Although it's only three men, they make a sound that fills up any club. Let's put it this way, this band made Murder by Death fans dance. That's a feat within itself.