AFI - I Heard a Voice DVD (Cover Artwork)


I Heard a Voice 📀 (2006)


AFI have always been a staple to the punk community since releasing Answer That and Stay Fasionable on Nitro back in the mid-`90s. However, if you have been following this band's career you've likely asked yourself at some point, "What the hell has happened to these guys?" Some feel that since the release of Sing the Sorrow, their major label debut on Dreamworks, that they have become a commercial success nightmare. So upon watching this live DVD, I went into it with little hopes of it being a satisfying live show considering that a large portion of the songs responsible for my love of AFI aren't here in this package.

When the concert starts with a very atmospheric tempo to set things off, Davey belts out some of the smoothest vocals on the first track, "Prelude 12/21." If you have ever seen AFI live then you're probably familiar with his ridiculously entertaining form of crowd participation. The vocals the crowd shouts can almost be heard over Davey himself, as they sing along to the songs on this here set. I personally thought that Decemberunderground was their weakest effert to date, but when "Kill Caustic" is performed so energetically and as loud as any respected punk song, you begin to realize AFI are truly a great live band. Hunter and Jade also play along Davey with such charisma and enthusiasm. It really looks like they played to the best of their ability, and I respect that a lot.

A few songs later, Davey pulls a song out of Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes. Does the song "A Single Second" ring a bell? And to top it all, he actually has Nick 13 (of Tiger Army fame), sing alongside him in what is such a treat because the song sounds almost studio quality.

As for the rest of the set, you'll get to hear a perfectly done "Death of Seasons," synth and all, as well as fan favorite "God Called in Sick Today," which might be their best song put to disc. To make it even better however, Davey gets in the crowd during that song and is lifted up to sing a chorus so loud that i think Pantera would say turn the noise down.

All in all, this is a worthy purchase for any AFI fan, and if you don't have the money to spend on this, just catch them live when they come to your town -- it will be just as good. But if you truly can't stand their newer endeavors, simply go pick up a copy of Very Proud of Ya or the classic Black Sails in the Sunset.