Bomb Squadron - Another Generation Found: 1994-1998 (Cover Artwork)

Bomb Squadron

Another Generation Found: 1994-1998 (2005)


I was in the record store and saw Bomb Squadron's Another Generation Found. It may have been the mushrooms, the `77-style cover art or probably a combination of the two but I knew I would love this record. I was half-right.

Another Generation Found is a complete discography of the band. Inside the insert is a biography of their short-lived history. The original singer, Ian, was replaced by Fat Dave halfway through the band's career. These two singers have a completely different vocal sound and, as a result, the record sounds like a split.

Ian-era Bomb Squadron was incredible; the eight songs they recorded are not only among the best street punk songs I've ever heard, they are among the most memorable punk songs in general. If Screeching Weasel or NOFX were a street punk band, they'd be Ian-era Bomb Squadron. The vocals are snotty and pissed off (in an apathetic sort of way). The vocals are also very clear (not in the way they're produced) and I can make out every word Ian sings/snarls. The songs feature memorable leads, riffs, and hooks (I don't know what a hook is but I'm sure this record has 'em) over a fast, rocking street punk sound. My favorite song is the anti-sobriety anthem "If I'm Gonna Die" which opens with the snottiest "fuck you" I've ever heard.

Most adolescent punks can relate to the lyrics which cover such topics as: society, police, posers ("rebellion's not the color of your hair"), getting drunk ("If I'm gonna die, I won't do it sober!"), war, fucking shit up, religion ("fuck your stupid church, and fuck your bloody god, it's all a fucking lie, religion's just a fraud!"), and boredom. These eight songs are truly fucking awesome and if the record were made up of just those songs (and maybe three or four more Ian-era songs to make it a complete record) I would give this record 5 stars. Because of these 8 songs, this record was literally all I listened to for a week. And the songs are so memorable they pop into your head even months after you've listened to them.

But Ian blew off a show and, as a result, was replaced by the drunk madman Fat Dave. The second half of this record is nowhere near as memorable as the first. The songs are pretty much all sloppy, drunk-punk songs which would be fun as fuck to hear live but not that great on record. Ian's apathetic anger is replaced by Fat Dave's drunk anger and some of the vocals are just shouted instead of sung. These last 8 songs make me unable to give this record a 9 or a 10.

So, if you like `90s pop-punk (Screeching Weasel, the Queers) and the `90s EpiFat sound (Bad Religion, NOFX, etc.), buy this fuckin' record. If you like fast, fun, street punk anthems, buy this fuckin' record. The first eight songs more than make up for the price and you won't regret it. And always remember, "Fuck the system, blow them up!"