The Ghost of a Thousand - This Is Where the Fight Begins (Cover Artwork)

The Ghost of a Thousand

This Is Where the Fight Begins (2007)


Kicking and screaming their way out of sunny Brighton, UK, the Ghost of a Thousand lay out their mission statement amidst opener "Bored of Math"'s controlled fury: "Punk rock needs you again. Generation X is dead!" they scream over demented fits of controlled rage. It's one hell of a way to open a record, and what a record it is.

"Left for Dead" comes next and there isn't a single let-up in the ferocious delivery. "I'm sick of seeing the same kids at shows" screams vocalist Tom Lacey, seemingly disillusioned with the scene they are trying to escape, before asking "what is it we're looking for?" like a man who knows he may never find the answer. "Up to You" is a volatile mix of cascading, violent drums and playfully scathing guitars while album highlight "New Toy" adds swagger to the volatile mix, letting everyone listening in know that these hardcore boys aren't afraid to dance and they expect you to dance with them.

I could go on. Each of the 10 tracks contained on this debut album simply destroy. It's 28 minutes of urgency and excitement, of hardcore fury and rock 'n' roll passion, of belief and conviction and every one of its 28 minutes is delivered with such a thrill thats it's hard not to get swept away with everything that is going on.

In short, the Ghost of a Thousand have delivered a stunning debut. It uses its influences (Refused, Bars, the Bronx, Gallows, the Hope Conspiracy) in a subtle yet mature way to create a totally essential punk rock record. And in 2007 that has become a rare thing indeed.