The Process - Taste the Knife (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Process

Taste the Knife (2007)

Old Skool Kids

The Process are not entirely sure of what they want to be, gave their EP Taste the Knife an awful title, and have the same damn name as fifteen thousand other bands. Despite all this they've delivered a surprisingly solid debut.

Some may call it versatility, but I just think the band's a little directionless. The bilingual act, who sings three songs in their native Swedish tongue and the other two in English, severely toe the line between metallic and straight-up encrusted hardcore territory. "Mot Sverige I Tiden" and the title track sound like way heavy versions of early Blood Brothers, while "Likgiltighetens Kalla Hand" and "Allt Vi Föraktar" are considerably faster and straightforward. It continues like this through Taste the Knife's course, and while the slight changes are a little jarring the experience is altogether enjoyable.

If you find yourself listening to both Converge and Tragedy or From Ashes Rise fairly often you should find at least a bit to like here. The Process need to alter their idea of dynamics a little more but once they do the goods should be expedited fast.

Mot Sverige I Tiden
Prayers Won't Be Heard
Allt Vi Föraktar