Dynamite Boy - Somewhere in America (Cover Artwork)

Dynamite Boy

Somewhere in America (2001)


Dynamite Boy, another pop-punk act to surface in the late 90's. I think its easy to agree that the subject matter of most pop-punk songs is girls and the chords of the songs, simple, but that doesn't make them bad atleast in Dynamite Boy's case. Dynamite Boy does pop-punk well, which sets them apart from the many, many new pop punk acts that are in the scene these days. Their songs are musically well written, their lyrics are provocative, their melodies are catchy and their style is tried and true.

As a whole I enjoyed this album very much. My favorite tracks were "Catching on", "No way out", "Little Bobby" and "Lullaby." These three show a good variety of writting styles and even a little comedy.

Overall I would say that this being Dynamite Boy's second effort, they have definitly matured as a band from their first release. I encourage any fan of pop-punk to buy this album, for it is well worth your money.