The Sons of Saturn - You'll Never Want to Do Anything Else Ever Again (Cover Artwork)
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The Sons of Saturn

You'll Never Want to Do Anything Else Ever Again (2006)

Old Skool Kids

While some obscure European screamo band failing to keep it together for more than a single full-length may not be the most original notion in the world, the Sons of Saturn certainly vowed to instill a sense of originality in that very full-length.

You'll Never Want to Do Anything Else Ever Again is a little confusing of an effort but still certainly worth the challenges it presents by its French originators. Within a single song the Sons of Saturn could and do bring to mind the bombastic, spastic energy and general creativity of the Blood Brothers and yet, tune into a territory of less melodic, raw fury á la their (former) European contemporaries La Quiete (i.e. opener "Even Seventh Heaven"). But it's this very platter of variation that makes Anything Else so interesting.

Many bands of this style employ the quiet/loud dynamic by injecting beautiful octave chords for the former, but not the Sons of Saturn. Instead, they deploy a calm-before-the-storm sense with nervous, tiptoeing guitars ("On the Pavement"), simple distortion (a good number of the songs), or creepy buildups ("Dog Tired"). The six-minute closer "For Eternity," however, absolutely explodes in an Envy's Dead Sinking Story sense, and that makes it a sure highlight. However, my favorite moment is definitely the chorus of "So Ran and Still" -- it serves up a series of quick pounds before briefly relenting to shout "So run your mouth!" (I think).

Fans of the stuff like this coming out of this area of the continent might be caught a bit off-guard by the Sons of Saturn's sole LP here, but I think they'll be pleasantly surprised all the same.

Dog Tired

For Eternity