The Draft - The Draft (Cover Artwork)
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The Draft

The Draft (2007)


I, for one, am a proponent of digital EPs. While having a case and booklet with artwork is nice, EPs are classically overpriced when released as a hard copy. Releasing an EP digitally drops the price both at point of sale and for the band/label, and being able to click your mouse once and having the music seconds later is a fine form of instant gratification. The Draft had a few leftovers in their refrigerator, so what cheaper, easier and faster way to get them to the fans than release them digitally?

This self-titled digital EP (and eventually, dual 7" released through No Idea) is up to par with In a Million Pieces. It's more of the same catchy post-punk found on said full-length, which hardly makes it any worse. "Stop Wastin' My Time" is a musically upbeat tune, but lyrically suggests otherwise: "It's bullshit. It's bullshit, but I'll repeat it. Ain't got enough sense just to leave it. Got my tounge tied up, I can feel it." "Up All Night" is one of the better songs in the Draft's entire catalog, taking the guitar and bass for a walk through the verses that lead to a loud chorus fit for screaming along. The song on this EP seemingly garnering the most buzz is "Devil in the Shade" and rightfully so -- the song has an urgency not really audible in much of the Draft's other work. Judging by the recording date, "Na Na Na" is one of the first songs the Draft ever put to tape and it shows. It sounds more like a demo but the rawness doesn't detract from the quality of the song. Fun fact: Brian Baker of Minor Threat / Dag Nasty / Bad Religion plays guitar on "Devil in the Shade" and "Up All Night."

Simply put, If you enjoyed In a Million Pieces, you'll enjoy this. If you didn't, this EP certainly won't convert you. It's four more solid additions to the Draft's catalog, and it's definitely worth the small price some download services are selling it for.