Speaker Speaker - We Won't March (Cover Artwork)
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Speaker Speaker

We Won't March (2007)

Burning Building

Speaker Speaker could be one of the first bands I've heard that are quite obviously influenced by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and all I can say is "about time." On their grab bag EP of sorts, We Won't March, you'll get four solid tracks of that style of pop-punk -- one from the band's sessions with J. Robbins, a new studio effort from a different session, two live cuts from a radio show performance, and a Jawbreaker cover for good measure.

Vocalist/guitarist Colin McBridge seriously sounds a whole hell of a lot like Leo, and if you're like me that's the first thing you'll notice. In only four original numbers the band doesn't get to branch out quite like Mr. Leo's band, though; you won't hear much in the way of retro pop, trad-ska or reggae influence, but what Speaker Speaker do they do fairly well. "We Won't March" is a little shinier than what we're usually used to from Robbins, but that's perfectly fine as it's the band's best number, a bright, bold song with a punchy chorus and expert flow. "Call It Off" and "Radio Days" are faster and rawer due to the live setting, but at certain moments you can tell the band has all the right moves to really do something big.

I'm getting mildly tired of hearing bands cover "Do You Still Hate Me?" (I remember seeing a local band cover "I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both" a few years ago and even the mere selection was refreshing), but Speaker Speaker do a good enough job despite sounding a little thin and rushed on it.

All in all, for all its uncanny similarities We Won't March is both solid and promising, at the very least falling back on a great influence from which to build on.

We Won't March
Loveland, CO