22 Jacks - Uncle Bob (Cover Artwork)

22 Jacks

Uncle Bob (1996)


22 jacks, many many comparisons have been made...but I haven't been able to pin them down to a certain sound. You can tell some influences right away, The Ramones, some Blue Stingrays surf riffs, even elements of jazz, pop and other sub genres as well.

The jacks consist of some members whom you might define as an "All Star" lineup. You have Joe Sib, who fronted the band Wax, ahhh c'mon you remember Wax people...(Think, the guy running on fire)..one of the most innovative videos of the 90's. Steve Soto, and Sandy Hansen of the legendary adolescents, and Scott Shiflett now of Face to Face So members have either paid their dues, or cut their teeth in the jacks.

This record was very different from what I expected it to be...which turned out to be a very good thing. The many musical twists seem a little off range at first, but grow on you. The Saxaphone, The organ, and piano are incorporated in a few songs. The rest add a little mystery by some great guitars, awesome melodies and Sibs' unique singing albility.

Each song is different, and has it's own quality which I respect...but 1 or 2 songs lack the harmony and overall great musicianship that most songs on this album showcase.

I have to hand it to the Jacks..they tried something different with their music and pulled it off like none of their other albums were able to. "Quit", "Sea", "Will they forget you", "Walking Home", "Breakin" and "Only Nobody" are 22 Jacks classics respectively.

It's a good change to hear, definitley their greatest effort to date. You should find something to appreciate in this record. Good stuff.