The Legacy - Solitude (Cover Artwork)

The Legacy

Solitude (2007)

Visible Noise

Back when I used to review occasionally on here, I kept finding that not only were my reviews poorly written, but I kept disagreeing with the scores I gave a couple of weeks later. One of the few scores I gave that still stands true today was the healthy 8 to the Legacy's preceding EP, We Gave It Everything. Since then I have witnessed vocalist Adam's other, absolutely awful band the Cover Up and have heard that the guys now only have one guitarist. I began to lose faith that their new EP, Solitude would be anywhere near as good.

Luckily, it's most certainly the same band, playing fast, angry hardcore with a sizeable dose of melodic guitars and creativity. The plain fact is, however, this just ain't as good. "Ghost Town" has one of the least rocking intros I've ever heard (although the rest of the song saves it somewhat), the riffs are comparatively lacking and at times painfully slow, and the majority of the disc treads along a familiar path far too much for my liking. Having said that, the band's incorporation of clean guitars makes for the best moments here. The instrumental "You Get So Alone at Times It Just Makes Sense" is one hell of an eerie piece of music, and the breakdown/buildup on "Arrows Down" is just fantastic, bringing all the best parts of the Legacy together and taking them a step forward. It's just a shame the whole EP doesn't match up, as this track is a surefire winner.

This effort is not going to win over any non-hardcore fan, and is no classic by any means, but is worth a look-in for anyone who likes their music fast and melodic. I for one will still be keeping an eye on the Legacy if they retain their creativity and heart. One of the more promising bands in hardcore today.