Seaweed - Four (Cover Artwork)


Four (1993)

Sub Pop

I was fucking heart-broken when SEAWEED broke up two years ago. I only discovered them in 1993 and saw them live only once. They are one of those bands that I own every single record; every CD, LP, 7", compilation, you name it. They weren't exactly punk, not heavy enough to be metal, and too heavy to be indie rock. They fucking rocked.

Their third LP (not counting the self-titled LP on Leopard was just a compilation of their early 7's) "Four," is easily their best work and one of the best records ever released by Sub Pop. The dual guitars are simple, straightforward blasts of pure energy (Think Gibsons through Marshalls) and the bass sound is kind of treble-y similar to early JAWBREAKER, but a little more buried in the mix. Bob's drumming is unbelievable. He's one of those drummers that uses his toms a lot, but keeps it uncluttered and heavy. I could talk about Aaron's vocals for pages. He yells, yelps, screams his heart out every second of every record and this is no exception. His lyrics are relevant, unpretentious, and clever; a combo you don't see too often. My favorite line is from "Kid Candy": Respect is key/ It's all that matters.

"Turnout" has to be my favorite song of the record. A simple mid-tempo rocker that begins and ends with some of Bob's patented tom work, then, without pause, the guitars switch chords and explode into the next track, "In Fairness." Other favorites are "Losing Skin," "Kid Candy," "One Inch Punch."

Now's the time that I should tell you SEAWEED sounds like ‘this' band or like ‘that' label's bands. I wish I could, because it would have made this review way easier to write. I can only come up with two bands that I think were influenced by them: SPARKMARKER and BRAND NEW UNIT both have sonic similarities to SEAWEED (and oddly enough both bands are from Canada).

I'm listening to this CD as I write, trying to think of a reason NOT to give it 5 stars. I can't think of one.

Other Essential SEAWEED LP's:

  • S/T, Leopard Gecko Records, 1989
  • Despised, Sub Pop Records, 1991
  • Weak, Sub Pop Records, 1992
  • Spanaway, Hollywood Records, 1995
  • Actions and Indications, Merge Records, 1998