Satanic Surfers - Going Nowhere Fast (Cover Artwork)

Satanic Surfers

Going Nowhere Fast (1999)


I first listened to the Satanic Surfers on Punk O Rama 5 and instantly fell in love with their sound. The song "What Ever" was probably the best song on that comp. After that I listed to their 30 sec. song on Short Music For Short People and it rocked. So when I like 2 or three songs by a band I usually download a couple of mp3's so I'm sure that I want to buy their album. The songs that I downloaded were great so I went to the record store to buy their cd. I was expecting to buy their newest album "Fragments and Fractions" because that was the only album reviewed in this site. Well they didn't have it but they had another one called "Going Nowhere Fast". I decided to buy that one.

Well what can I say, I just loved it from the first time that I heard it. The production is really good, it may not be the greatest but it's way above average. The music is so amazing ! The guitar parts are great, awesome melodic guitars with fast timing changes. Great bass playing. And what can I say about the singing and drumming ?? Well actually the drummer is the lead singer. He has a great voice, as melodic as you can get which is awesome. And he is such a great drummer too, believe me he's one of the few drummer/singer that can actually do both things well, without being mediocre in one of them. So the result is really fast melodic punk rock at it's finest. The lyrics are very good, Rodrigo writes about diverse topics, from animal rights, worker descrimination to how girls have to stand up and not be mistreated. Every song in this cd is good. There's not one song that I skip when I listen to it, but if I had to choose my favorite songs I'll pick "Lean onto you" which in one of the poppier songs on the album but it doesn't loose any speed, "The ballad of Gonzo Babbleshit" is an awesome song with a bunch of fast timing changes and great lyrics.

I can't really compare this album to the other Satanic Surfers releases because I honestly have only heard a few songs off them, but I'm sure I'll buy the other albums when I see them. But meanwhile you should get this and enjoy it to the fullest. I never get sick of this cd. This is great melodic punk rock and you need listen to it too.