Supersleuth - 31 Months (Cover Artwork)


31 Months (2001)

Failed Experiment

Mike Johnson

When you put this CD in your stereo and hit play, you're immediately drawn into the powerful songwriting on this album. Supersleth has been playing together for six years, and has gone through a progression of sounds, this is a re-issue of their debut full-length, originally released on Enerject in 1997. The sound on this CD is similar to Gorilla Biscuits, and that era of hardcore (There are covers by Minor Threat and Definite Choice), but the themes of the record go much farther than your run-of-the-mill hardcore band... racism, war, and the struggle to maintain your identity in a world full of things trying to change you... there's even a love song on here, and they're all good. Thirteen tracks make for one of the most solid hardcore CDs in my collection. Check these guys out.

    "If it never makes a difference, or amounts to much in your eyes... at least I'll still go out, knowing that I tried..."