Uncle Outrage - Dance Extreme (Cover Artwork)

Uncle Outrage

Dance Extreme (2006)


As far as the music scene in Canada goes (let alone Edmonton), Uncle Outrage has a firm grasp on being one of the few truly original acts going. Nils (UO's vocalist) has had Edmontonians racking their brains trying to figure out the real messagee behind the band's lyrics, attitude, and intentions ever since they hit the scene (or if there even is a message to be found).

Dance Extreme provides no clear answer to that problem, but then again, why should it? The 13-track record comes at you like a freight train, never giving you time to catch your breath. Taking elements from punk, industrial, hip-hop, metal, electronica, and even good old-fashioned shameless radio-worthy pop, these boys have unquestionably created a sound all their own. But strip down any of the songs to bare bones, and it's more than obvious that these guys are brilliant songwriters, as can be heard in "Fashion," "Zombie" and the title track.

However, they have been paying the price that comes with doing something that people aren't comfortable with: a heavily divided outlook under the magnifying glass. Created is a simple love 'em or hate 'em scenerio in their own backyard. Whether this will help or hinder the band's storm for success, who knows, but it sure it fucking fun to listen to.