Sorry No Ferrari - The Get Down Syndrome (Cover Artwork)
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Sorry No Ferrari

The Get Down Syndrome (2006)


Sorry No Ferrari must have taken a criticism to heart from our review of their last release, Oh Snap!, and it has worked absolute wonders. Overlook the hilariously terrible artwork of their new-ish EP, The Get Down Syndrome, and you'll be rewarded with excellent, chilled out all-instrumental indie/emo highly in the vein of American Football and early Minus the Bear.

For such a seemingly young band, Sorry No Ferrari sound immensely accomplished on The Get Down Syndrome. The songs are mathy, spacey, and offer a variety of moods (from upbeat to even pensive and distraught), even if all the while there's a serious Highly Refined Pirates vibe. Take "Tuba Toothpaste," or "Jamaican Me Crazy" with its intricate, staccato riffs; maybe even "Adult Braces," which ushers in the disc moving energetically.

The Get Down Syndrome is a surprisingly tight and wonderful little release from Sorry No Ferrari. Hopefully like their peers in Look Mexico that were quickly noticed and snatched up, Sorry No Ferrari get the same treatment as they're producing a similar and just as swell type of creative sound.

Adult Braces

Native American Idiot
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