Usurp Synapse - Disinformation Fix (Cover Artwork)

Usurp Synapse

Disinformation Fix (2003)


Usurp Synapse were possibly one of the noisiest and most chaotic screamo bands ever, grindcore-influenced drumming, raw screams and heavily distorted guitars and all. The band's Disinformation Fix discography itself contains two discs each with about 30 songs on each, most of which run from about :30 to 2:00 in length with the trademark unrelated song titles like "I Know a Guy Who Likes Dynamite" and "I'm a Fufufucking Vampire."

On Disinformation Fix Usurp play some really frantic screamo, with many of the songs containing samples from movies and/or speeches. While it's very difficult to explain their sound, the closest you can get is comparisons -- with some minor exceptions for each -- to Jerome's Dream or Orchid, however I think these guys are far better. You will catch the odd keyboard line in there, which I found pretty rad, and on sparse occasions the band will have an experimental/melodic song -- which in my opinion, are actually far better.

It's hard to think of a real downside to Usurp Synapse. If you're looking for something more chaotic and harder than Orchid and something more complex than Jerome's Dream, this is what you're looking for. Not only that, but Usurp Synapse often outshined the bands that appeared on the same compilations and splits -- and Usurp appeared on many themselves. Unfortunately, there are many songs that aren't entirely memorable, but when you get to songs like "Brundle Fly" you realize how haunting and hard-hitting this band can be. Songs like "My Spidey Sense Is Going Fucking Nuts" are unfortunate to have poor recording and the balance between vocals and the instruments is poor. However, there are so many good songs on Disinformation Fix that in my humble opinion this band is in fact, on par with Orchid and possibly better.