Deicide - Stench of Redemption (Cover Artwork)


Stench of Redemption (2006)


The number of bands who have lost half of their writing team and come back better than ever aren't exactly legion. (For those of you who didn't go to church, that's a really crappy demon joke. Look it up.) So when the brothers Hoffman left Deicide I'm sure many metal fans thought it was a sign our merry band of blasphemers weren't going to rise from the grave. Well, don't count everyone's favorite members of Satan's fan club out yet. They've picked up a few new axe-slingers, namely Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla (ex-DEATH and ex-Iced Earth). If that doesn't add up to a guaranteed formula for thrash-mania you need to hit your math books.

Stench of Redemption is straight up classic Deicide and brutal as the upside-down cross frontman Glen Benton burned into his forehead. What's new is melodic fishhooks that embed themselves in your brain with each listen. Interestingly the most blasphemous of all the songs on the record is the catchiest. "Death to Jesus" is so catchy your pastor will be humming it after one listen.

The rhythm section of Deicide has been the band's backbone for years now, and it's no different on Stench. With two killer guitar players holding their backs the bass and drum duties have been kicked from "holding the beat" to "bludgeoning force of death." The drumming in particular stands out as something to write home about, with more blasts and rolls than a demolition squad and bakery combined.

Lots of people wrote off Deicide after their disappointing last record, heck I was one of them. Stench of Redemption more than makes up for any past mistakes; think of it as flowers from a loved one who failed you in the past. Rotting, blood soaked flowers covered in upside down crosses, but remember that's the kind you were looking for anyway.