Glos - Harmonium (Cover Artwork)
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Harmonium (2007)


As far as kinetic, drearily atmospheric and slightly electro-tinged indie rock goes, suffice it to say Glös is already leading the pack. It makes sense -- co-frontperson Keeley Davis cites Engine Down, Denali and currently Sparta on his resume, his sister Maura has lended her sultry, stunning vocal work to Denali and currently Ambulette, and drummer Cornbread Compton has provided his unique stick skills to Engine Down and now Biology and Heavens. On the trio's debut Harmonium, the band collaborate the influences of their work (namely Engine Down, though) to craft a solid debut.

While the band generally tends to operate on only one cylinder (mid-tempo) with a few exceptions (the slower "Entre," for one), it's a fairly consistent one. Strange elements like a string section compliment "Hell Hath No Fury," while the Davis siblings often sing in unison with bizarre, unsettling vocal effects that further cloud Harmonium with bleak, saddening textures. "Public Speaker" is Glös at their most memorable, with the male Davis providing background "ahhh"s and a memorable hook along the way.

It's also incredibly easy to compare the elements Keeley added to Sparta on that band's newest album, Threes, with his contributions here on Harmonium. He's clearly got a signature tone he's carried through his bands that, while is certainly not an always happy one, is distinct.

If there's one major complaint to be had with Harmonium, it's that Keeley just about completely dominates the vocal responsibility. Sure, plenty of times the two sing together but Keeley is seemingly always louder in the mix. That's a pity -- there's not nearly enough of Maura, who with more time in the spotlight would surely add a desperation and longing to Harmonium that would create an even more cacophonous mood.

Lovitt Records has unleashed one of their more impressive efforts with Harmonium, and one hopes this side project is something that gains at least a bit of the notoriety that Sparta and Heavens already has or Ambulette is likely to eventually claim; it's definitely deserving.

Hell Hath No Fury

Between You and I