Barricade - Be Heard (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Be Heard (2006)


Beautiful, isn't it?

Spinkicks and crowd punches as far as the eye can see. Just wait for the next breakdown -- that's when shit will really hit the fan. On the stage, just before the breakdown, hardcore's Aristotle begins to yell:

How could you betray your brothers for the false causes of another, we won't stand for this, your fucking betrayal / All those hollow words that you were speaking, you don't know shit about brotherhood / And I guess you never will, you never fucking will, this is what you get.
Well, I don't know about you, but I feel smarter already! Add to that the beatdown soundtrack provided by Barricade's diverse and layered structure of breakdowns and chugga-chugga chords, and you're left with Be Heard, a hardcore record whose very own title's implications are something this reviewer would love to prevent. One spin of this genre-bending masterpiece and you'll have fulfilled your brotherhood and vigilance quota for a good long time, all while being able to practice your mosh moves from the comfort of your parents' oriental rug.

There's not a whole lot to say here; if you absolutely need a fix of repetitive music and tough-guy posturing, you'll find no better.

Breakdown time!