NOFX - Ribbed (Cover Artwork)


Ribbed (1990)


"All Nofx songs sound the same blah blah blah, they're just as stupid as Blink blah blah blah, why won't they just fucking die blah blah blah". Whatever.

'Ribbed' goes like this."Green Corn" is fast. "Moron Brothers" is fast and funny, about two assholes who fuck everyone over. "Shower Days" is funny. He only wan't to take a bath 2 times a week. Now that they mentioned it, I don't smell too fresh myself. "Food, Sex, and Ewe" is a ska song with a cool, 80's metal intro. "Just the Flu" is fast. "El Lay" is about Los Angeles, and people seem to like this song a lot. "New Boobs" is great. Fast, and about a chick who finnaly gets the boob job she wants, only then she causes dudes to squirt all over themselves before she can even get any action.HA! "Cheese/Where's My Slice" is fast and funny in a whiny sort of way. "Together on the Sand" sounds like a lounge tune, and he's talking about fingerin' some chick on the beach. "Nowhere" is also fast. "Brain Constipation" is kinda slow and metalish. "Gonoherpasyphilaids" is about some dude who got a new STD from some funky ho, and it's fast too. "I Don't Want You Around" isn't fast, but it isn't slow either, and it makes fun of the Grateful Dead. "The Malachi Crunch" is at the end of the record and it's really fast, with cool lyrics.

NOFX has two really good guitar players, and really fast drummer, and a not-so-good bass player/singer. They are funny too.