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Discover America

Discover America (2007)


Discover America managed to pack a hefty amount of solid, lo-fi, synth-oriented, semi-poppy music into their debut album Psychology. Chris Staples seemed to pick up near where he left off as the vocalist/guitarist of the fairly long-running indie rock act Twothirtyeight, who broke up only a few years prior to the formation of his solo project. He seemed to function just as naturally without a band accompanying him.

Nearly a year after the release of Psychology, Staples decided to leave Tooth & Nail Records to find a label more suitable to his needs. Unable to do so in adequate time, he independently released Discover America's self-titled EP. If anything, the release proves that Staples is not only able to flourish independently as an artist, but also independently of a label.

Staples' hushed, nonchalant vocals provide a warm welcome to the release in "Shifty Eyes," accompanied by an array of instruments and shaky guitar riffs. "Miles of Grey" continues in the pleasant manner introduced, with sounds mirroring that of a bird chirping and upbeat lyrics in the form of, "And we all have our little ways to cope and we all have our little ways of knowing everything is gonna be fine." and concluding with a buildup to boisterous drumming toward the end. The album reaches its peak with the melancholy and moody track "Eons of Time," ending with beautiful male and female harmonization during the lines "Do we really have a choice in being who we are?" Although Staples' placid voice remains pretty static, the variation in background musical going-ons keeps things interesting even if his voice were to grow completely stale.

Discover America is a five-song EP that should grow to be a staple for any synth-loving indie rock fan or anyone with the ability to appreciate a light, chill sound. Hopefully this is a good taste of what Staples has in store for his next full-length.

Miles of Grey
The Day You Were Born