Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (Cover Artwork)

Jimmy Eat World

Bleed American (2001)


Jimmy eat world is a band that gets me excited. They are one of the most influential bands on the entire emo scene. contrary to some peoples belief, they've been on a major since 'Static Prevails'.

Quite simply put; I love Jimmy Eat World. and i don't give a shit that they're on a major. I knew it was a mistake to put this cd on the listening post. I couldnt afford to buy it really, but as soon as I heard that signature sound that makes j.e.w what they are, I had to part with the cash. and it's good. It's always gonna be hard to live up to the expectations that they set on 'Clarity', and I gotta admit, it's not quite as good as Clarity; but it most definitely rocks a hell of a lot more than anything else that's come out recently. The cd has a more basic, laid back and poppy feel to it than 'Clarity' does but it's just so catchy, so heartwrenching and most definitely sooo emo! there's some classic stuff on this. 'hear you me' and 'my sundown' are the two stand out tracks by far and they are the 'for me this is heaven' and 'lucky denver mint' of the album. 'your house' is the heartbreaker song sporting the lyrics 'if you still care at all, don't go - tell me now' and even when Jim sings 'you ripped my heart right out' it just can't help but sound so charming. 'get it faster' has a monster of a riff towards the middle of the song and this is the most gritty and bitter of all of the tracks but then they follow it up with 'cautioners' which is just amazing and gets you sitting there, all dreamy eyed once again. 'the authority song' is the catchy as a cold pop rock tune that you think Green Day wrote while Weezer were lending them their guitars. The handclaps are just so cool. This is gonna be a cd that gets played over and over and over again.