Beatsteaks - Limbo Messiah (Cover Artwork)


Limbo Messiah (2007)


I rarely submit a review but I felt knowledge of an overlooked new Beatsteaks album is a fact that should be shared immediately, specifically on this site. Long story short: here's a review based on a couple listens and limited research.

Beatsteaks' fifth full-length, Limbo Messiah, was released in Germany on March 30 via Warner Records. It debuted at #3 on the German charts, the first single being "Jane Became Insane." [With no international release dates yet set and the band generally overseeing a healthier fanbase in Europe rather than North America, felt it appropriate to post the review.].

The Beatsteaks maintain their muscular and driving riff-rock style while continuing to experiment and incorporate different sounds, which they pull off quite well. Notably, some songs delve further into the genres explored on Smack Smash, showcasing Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss's wide vocal range. The pulsing bass groove of "Meantime" is familiar but danceable. "Sharp, Cool and Collected" is probably the fastest song they've ever recorded. The most noticeable diversion comes deep into the album with the near R&B of "She Was Great," which could easily fool newcomers and suprise old fans. Punky desert rock "Hail to the Freaks" and "E-G-O," a garage-y sounding track with a different vocalist, serve as great closing tracks.

Keeping it to 11 songs in 31 minutes, the Beatsteaks know how to make a concise, catchy rock record with a punk backbone, Limbo Messiah being possibly the strongest contribution they've made to that category.