Drag the River - Third World Industries [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Drag the River

Third World Industries [7 inch] (2006)

Third World Industries

Drag the River's It's Crazy. was one of the finest punk-based country albums of 2006. With the full-length having split the vocals between Chard Price (All) and Jon Snodgrass (Armchair Martian), this 7" focuses on Chad's work.

The A-side is "Beautiful and Damned," which was one of the strongest songs on It's Crazy.. It's a slow song which crawls along in a haunting fashion, stirring up many moments of what made Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska such a beautiful piece of work. Despite its slow tempo (or maybe because of it?), "Beautiful and Damned" creates a heavy atmosphere that forces the listener to absorb the spirit of the song.

The B-Side is "A Shame," which is exclusive to the 7". Much like the title track, it's slow and heavy on the steel guitar. Chad's vocals have just enough twang to make whatever he is saying seem remorseful.

Limited to only 500 hand-numbered copies with great artwork and packaging, this 7" is worth picking up even for those people who are hesitant to shell out $4.00 for two songs (but will go pay $.99/song on iTunes). Drag the River aren't for everyone who reads this site, but they've got some fans lurking around these pages and those fans should check this out.