NOFX - So Long and Thanks for All the (Cover Artwork)


So Long and Thanks for All the (1997)


Ahh, yes...the glory that is NOFX--the motley bunch. The ever imitated group of jimmies going over the hill, but still managing to pump out punk-rock splendor. Love em' or hate em', you gotta admit they are indeed the paradigm and founders of fat-style punk rock; this album displaying the former to the utmost.

Actually describing the album is completely futile, cause yours truly assumes that if you're on this site, you probably got and idea who these fellas are and what they sound like. If I'm wrong and your a newbie to music, I'll shoot the shit to give ya a taste of this classic slab of wax.

It's an amalgam of distorted guitars, whiney vocals, French lyricism, dope-smokin' reggae jams, alcohol-induced sing-alongs, a trumpeering Mexican, an homage to bing band jazz ala Herb Albert, insanity-laden drumming, Islam and Celibacy, patricide, Ketamine trips, and punk rock declaration. In short: a great way to pop your punk rock cherry, or just reminisce on the punk days of old.

This is the paradigm NOFX album, in your reviewer's humble opinion, and is well deserving of the immortal score of 5. Indeed a classic.