Fact - The Fine Day Never Last (Cover Artwork)


The Fine Day Never Last (2004)

Theory and Practice

I recently came upon these guys several months ago under a recommendation of a friend. At first I didn't think much of it but after a few listens I was really into their stuff, however, only in small doses. This modern sounding hardcore, screamo...whatever it would be labelled under, would appeal to a lot of people I think and it is being shown by the increasing popularity they're gaining.

The Japanese fivesome are't exactly playing anything new but they certainly do bring their own style to it. The sheer power they posess backed up by some superb drumming is displayed perfectly by the very start of "Start from Here," a pretty fitting title, and my personal favourite, "Shine." To say that those two tracks only possess the real power would be a huge understatement though, as the power most of their tracks has is something that a band cannot play standing still on a stage. Each track has an undefeatable power to move your feet to the drumming; you can try to hold back but it's a virus.

The vocals arguably are what really loses the band's independence from falling into a genre full of garbage, but to be honest, I couldn't think a style that fits better. Guitars are riddled with technical riffs, each playing scales in different keys, though in places the technicality causes sudden changes upsetting the general flow. With the help of the bass, the band complete their damn heavy, metal sound.

These guys belong in a genre similar to Protest the Hero but with a much more real sound in my opinion. These seven tracks demonstrate a band with the power to really get a crowd going crazy and I love bands capable of doing that. The production on this album can't go without mention either; had Fact gone with cheaper production, perhaps similar to any typical band's early demo, the effect this band has would be severely reduced.

It's not my favourite style of music; I actually tend to detest how music generally goes in this genre -- the fact that much of it is overproduced, unoriginal and annoying, but this manages to beat that for me. However, as I stated at the beginning, I can only handle this modern sound a lot of bands seem to be using in short doses. Oh, and the hidden track is horrible electronic stuff but I just hope that was a bit of fun.

The majority of this mini album can be heard at their purevolume page; for newer material go to their MySpace