No Knife - Fire in The City of Automatons (Cover Artwork)

No Knife

Fire in The City of Automatons (1999)

Time Bomb

Man, I'm literally stumped on how to label this band. Emo, Pop, Melodic Rock and countless other genres have crossed my mind...but I still haven't come to a solidified conslusion as of yet.

I had heard virtually nothing about No Knife...I seen this record come in the new shipment box at work...My co-worker saw me checking out the case and told me they were a great band and that I should give it a listen.

The first word I thought of was mediocre...Then followed by overdone, Plain and just sometimes weird. They make up their sound by so many different musical stylings. Take 90's indie rock and throw in some 80's new wave stuff, Piano, A little Synthesizer, mix it all up and you have a pretty somber sounding combination.

I have to hand one thing to No Knife however, They have great talent. Most credit I give them goes to that respectively.

Well, if you ask me you can sense some originality but most tracks are just depressing in tone..the lyrics on the other hand are quite positive and relateable.

12 songs in 47 minutes...just seems to long to me. Some aspects are enjoyable others catch you off guard and even make you wretch in disgust. Ahhh it's not that bad, but if you get a chance to hear this band just keep an open mind.