Reset - No Limits (Cover Artwork)


No Limits (1999)

Union Label Group

My first impression of this album is that it is a pretty good record. Although I only got it about 3 hours ago, I am really liking it. Maybe by tomorrow I will hate it, and be annoyed with it but right now I'm loving it.

Reset is a young Canadian punk band. When I say young, I mean around 18-19-20ish. They are straigh out of Montreal. They have a very melodic, pop/punk/hardcore sound to them. Haha yes, pop/punk/hardcore sound. Even though that sounds quite odd, it is true. They have a wide range of styles. Mostly sticking with pop/punk, but they have a few traits of hardcore with there sound.

This album kicks off with a short 50 second song entitled " I know", I personally find it the weakest song on the album, just because of it's length. The next tune, is where the greatness starts. "Pollution" is a nice melodic punk tune. They also have a video for that song. A few tracks later, on track 4 (My Dream And I) and track 5 (Let Me Go) are two of my favorite songs on this album. " My Dream And I" is my personal favorite song on this release. Although it is a little slower then other songs at certain points, it is wonderful. As for "Let Me Go" it is great I find because it is so melodic, it makes me sign along everytime. Tracks 6 through 11 are all medium songs. None of them are really bad, but none of the are great. Track 12 "Friend" is the first song I heard from this band. It is the song that made me get into Reset. It starts off slow with an acoustic guitar, but quickly picks up. It is one of the best tracks on this release. This album closes with a song called "Dounble Cross." This song is also one of the high points for me on this release. Another melodic tune by this young Canadian band.

All in all, this is a decent release by this group. I am sure this band will become big one day. They are really good, especially for being young. It's great to see Canadian bands making good music. I recomend to pick up this album, and also "No Worries" also by Reset!

Editor's Note: This album is out-of-print, but has been reissued on a single disc compiling No Limits and No Worries.