Relics - Demo [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demo [7 inch] (2007)

Clean Plate

Hey, who misses pg. 99? You, with the shitty hair, über-tight jeans and seven milk crates in your bedroom full of vinyl from bands one in every 65 million people in the world care about -- I know you do. It's okay, Relics are here to help.

On their demo 7", pressed by the lovely folks at Clean Plate, the Amherst, Mass.-based screamo quartet offer intense and slightly spastic, female-fronted jawns that resemble that probable influence in the more developed era of their Document-based discography. Not bad considering it's their friggin' demo. And really, the similarity is just that -- a mere similarity. These aren't photocopied documents; they're just really good fits of distorted, clashing guitars trapped inside beautifully noisy dirges. The standouts of the four include the attention-grabbing "No End" and the dynamic closer "Needless Tasks."

One can easily see huge things on the way for a band that sounds so good so early. With a split 7" and a one-sided LP already on the way, it would be incredible to have that potential fulfilled so soon.

No End
Poisonous Beliefs