No Fun At All - State Of Flow (Cover Artwork)

No Fun At All

State Of Flow (2000)

Burning Heart

Just today I found out that this band split up, which sucked. No-one seemed to mention it, nowhere. Anyway I decided to write this just so some more people might have heard of the if they do a re-union so i'll not have to wait 8 months before finding out!!

Anyway I hadn't heard too much of this band before I was given this CD for a present.

First impressions...... not good. The guys voice (he's sweedish) kinda grated on me and the first song is kinda mid-tempo. Listened to whole album, not good. I just plain didn;t like it on the first listen, everything kinda sounded the same.

After listening to this album a couple more times i've came to the conclusion that this this is a good album with some amazing moments. When I say amazing I mean AMAZING. I mean the song "Second Best" really is one of the best punk tunes i've heard in a long time. It starts with a kinda finger plucked intro then into a riff that just makes you swing air guitar like theres no tomorrow. The song then slows down a bit, going from heavy to soft intermittently, keeping attention and emotion all along the way. Then the song just launches in to the best middle eight ever!!! Dual guitars a go-go muting, ripping, playing off each other. I mean this is just so good!

The only songs I dont really like are the opener "Celestial Q&A" and "Perfect Sense".

If you like you punk semi-poppy, a bit slower and with thoughtful lyrics you shuld go check this out. Aw hell, if you like punk I would go check this out as well. I'll definately be checking out some more early stuff when I get some more puntos!