Various - Energy to Start the Day (Cover Artwork)


Energy to Start the Day (2006)

No Filler

So by now, punk fans must be completely frustrated by the lack of good punk compilations. The Punk-O-Rama series hasn't been respectable for years, at least in terms of a decent volume of solid punk rock. I seem to remember when awesome punk compilations were everywhere, allowing you to discover new bands with ease. The very first listen I gave this comp, it brought me back to those good ol' days: NOFX, Millencolin, Lagwagon, Bigwig...these kind of bands presided over a major part of the punk scene. Nowadays, fast melodic punk seems to be a very rare find.

Now, I will admit right off that my band is on the compilation...but don't stop reading. It doesn't even matter what band I'm in -- we've been on other comps and I never felt any need for to review it -- but this thing is just too good to let go unnoticed.

No Filler Records has done a great thing here. They have found those hard-to-find melodic punk bands that continue to bring the rock in a genre that currently lacks any new blood with national recognition. The international flavor also gives the listener the idea that the label really sought out the best bands, wherever they may be. There are bands from at least nine different countires: the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Japan, Austria, and Hungary.

Honestly, this album has got to be one of the best compilations I've heard in at least the last few years. It features 18 of the best and fastest melodic punk bands from all over the world, and I doubt any of you have heard of more than two or three of them. Do yourself a favor and pick this thing up. It's cheap, and I doubt you'll be dissappointed.