In Cold Blood - Hell On Earth (Cover Artwork)

In Cold Blood

Hell On Earth (1997)


Whoa!!! This record was over with before I knew it. 13 songs in just a little over 22 minutes. I figured because this was a spawn of the band Integrity, that some of Integritys' sound might rub off.

Well, that fact is a certain extent. I mean I like integrity, but ICB just produces straight forward Metallic driven hardcore...What comes to mind?? Crowbar..yep, some pantera??? ahhh maybe a little, Cannibal It's all a good combo to go with, but I was expecting this band to evolve just a little from the integrity style, but rather they take it back to the 80's with the speed of early Sick of It All, and a guitar player that probably came from an Iron maiden cover band.

The songs, like I said are very quick with a lot of songs not even breaking the 1 min mark...and some that go well over 3 minutes. You can tell right off that ICB wanted to keep the songs simple...a lot of the guitar riffs..(while being technical) are repeated over and over. As are the drum beats and the vocals are just too monotone for me.

But entirely it's an average album...very talented band however, In the short time they were together I would have liked to have seen them explore more musical sounds, but still remain as hard and furious as ever. If you like speedy metalcore this might have something for you..I just can't take this for long periods of time. It's has some appreciative aspects, but is over so quickly you find it hard to appreciate anything. Great talent, and not enough musical exploration need I say anymore?