Lagwagon - Double Plaidinum (Cover Artwork)


Double Plaidinum (1997)

Fat Wreck Chords

Another album by the Laggers...this time a more technical, more musically focused record than The 3 predecessors "Duh", "Trashed", and "Hoss" all of which were great albums, but a band has to take a different direction every one in a while.

Precisely what the band did. Not too much of a change though, Same Speedy melodic punk we have come to know so well from them, The production is a bit more polished, and you get to see the great guitar stylings of Ken Stringfellow and also a new drummer, Dave Raun.

As I said the punk is still there...but they throw in a more pop influenced element on these songs. Included with Ska, and just flat out rock as well. "Alien8" "Unfurnished" "Confession" "Smile" "Failure" and "To All my Friends" mark the records standouts...others like "Making Friends" "Twenty Seven" "Choke" and "One Thing to Live" are great too. And a song or two with a lackluster quality about them.

Great Guitar work, awesome Bass Lines some unhuman drum work, and Joeys' unmistakable voice. Another good Lagwagon effort..while not living up to Hoss, Or Trashed..It's a great chapter in the book of Lagwagon.