Papermoons - Papermoons [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Papermoons [7 inch] (2007)

Team Science

What a beautiful little 7". Papermoons have latched onto a sound I briefly fell in love with when listening to early Moneen, but haven't had a chance to revisit much, since nobody seems to be making music like it anymore.

Papermoons' debut self-titled 7" is, of course, brief, but the four songs the band presents are some of the most beautiful and delicate post-punk / folk rock this side of the year 2000. The band, consisting of Matt Clark and Daniel Hawkins haven't been around too long, but they sound as if though they've spent years together crafting their sound, which is dense and multi-layered yet full of melodic innocence.

Of course, you aren't going to hear Papermoons being blasted through the stereo before the Casualties hit the stage, but with the punk community slowly embracing folk elements they are bound to fit right in with records that will be showing up on ours and yours' year-end lists.

I felt guilty mentioning the Moneen reference right off the bat, but it's an influence that's impossible to shake. The songs on this 7" sound as though they could have been written by Moneen and performed acoustically with a few more instruments thrown in.

Thankfully though, Moneen didn't write these songs, giving Papermoons the opportunity to explore something I've been waiting to properly visit myself for quite some time.