Mustard Plug - Evildoers Beware! (Cover Artwork)

Mustard Plug

Evildoers Beware! (1997)


Damn, I write a lot of reviews. Oh well. These bands deserve it. This band is one of my personal favorites, although their last album, "Pray For Mojo", sucked the big one. This CD however, remains as one of the top ska-punk releases out there. Its not on a caliber with Op Ivy or Slapstick, but its close. Its definitely worth hearing, even if you aren't a fan of ska music.

The highlights from the this CD are plentiful. The first song, "Box" has one of the best horn parts I have ever heard in a ska-punk song. Once Dave Kirchgessner's vox kick in, you know you are in for a treat. This Michigan ska band crafted some of the best ska-punk I have heard, with great tracks like "Never Be", "You", "Jerry", and "Beer". The latter is one of my favorite drinking songs, as good as any street punk or reggea tune for tossin back a brew. Even lesser tracks like "Sadie Mae" and "Miss Michigan" have no problem getting the dance floor active. Its a solid release from beginning to end, with the only clunker being the song "Mendoza". This song just bugs me. Its a small price to pay though, for so much good punk music.

I suggest this disc for anyone who likes ska-punk, or even if you dont, I still suggest you check it out. Unlike many ska-punk bands, Mustard Plug don't cheat you on the punk, pumping out power chords at break-neck pace. The songs aren't all about girls and being dumb, but they address quite a few topics. Despite a lack of success (In my opinion) on their last CD, Mustard Plug are keeping it real. Buy this CD today.