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Vultures United

Vultures United (2007)


Here's something decent. Vultures United come from the pseudo-ashes of Orange County, CA's Grave for the Fireflies, stripping their former band down to their basic foundation: a little bit of hardcore intensity by way of Black Flag and the hearty punk aggression of the Nerve Agents.

This little three-song demo CD-R flies by in no time (six minutes, actually). The first two are standard but well-done examples of punk rock: "Membership Dues for the Hellfire Club" and its repetitive call-and-response chants, and "Jordan Needs a Life Raft Because His Ship Is Sinking" with its honest, but very simplified lyrical desperation. Closing things is a cover of the Murder City Devils' "Dance Hall Music" -- it ain't bad.

Vultures United is bogged down by a serious lack of dynamics, but its creators still manage to pump out some good, refreshing and angry jams.

Vultures United