The Arrivals - Marvels of Industry (Cover Artwork)

The Arrivals

Marvels of Industry (2007)


Of all the great albums released this year so far, this is the one that surprised and grabbed me the most. This is the first full release I've heard from these guys and they remind me of many of my favourite bands, but at the same time not sounding exactly like any other band. Think powerful, no bullshit punk rock with a heavy Leatherface/Jawbreaker influence, especially vocal-wise. The melodies and harmonies are so spot-on that it really is the perfect fast-paced summer record everyone hunts for each summer.

Yes, Paddy from D4 plays bass on this record, and no, I'm pretty sure he has not contributed any vocals. The funny thing is that their singer's voice is so clear yet mumbly that it really doesn't matter that only Paddy's bass abilities are on this one.

On first listen, I say the last two songs were the only ones that were really special ("Dangerous" and "The Joke"), but after spin number eight or so, it all seems infectious, every song stuck in my mind and never to leave.

The band doesn't necessarily stick to the exact same style all the way through the album, too -- there's one song that reminds me of a certain Irish psychobilly band.

The Arrivals have delivered one of 2007's punk rock gems with Marvels of Industry. Marvelous.