Attack in Black - Marriage (Cover Artwork)
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Attack in Black

Marriage (2007)

Dine Alone

When Attack in Black recorded their demo, which would later become their self-titled EP, they were one of dozens of hardcore bands in Southern Ontario, an area swimming with bands constantly touring and recording; it was an area quite obviously difficult to make a name for yourself in. However, when Ian Kehoe came onboard to play bass for the Welland, Ontario group, something clicked with primary songwriter Dan Romano and the band evolved into something the 905 area code needed as well as the rest of the musical community we all claim membership in.

After spending the last year opening for bands as diverse as the Weakerthans and Billy Talent, Attack in Black have recorded an album, Marriage, that everyone from the punk community, no matter how many times removed, can stand behind.

Prior to Marriage, Attack in Black released their Widows EP, which showcased the transition the band began to take once Kehoe joined the band. With Marriage, Attack in Black fulfill what Widows promised they had in store for us. They're still a young band and they may not have recorded their best album yet, but for now Marriage will do just fine.

Marriage is an absolutely beautiful blend of punk, rock and folk, with each element coming together almost perfectly with each stylistic influence making appearances at all the right times and almost always with enough show. The songs demonstrate an incredible amount of maturity, which one may not expect from a band's first full-length.

The album's stronger moments can be perfectly unforgettable. "Come What May"'s rough vocals and stop-go verses lead into a huge chorus and a horn-led bridge. The "na na na"s in "Young Leaves" have a similar effect in allowing a song that's seems wonderfully minimalist to blow up into a huge affair at just the right time.

Over the years Attack in Black have shared the stage with bands such as Sparta and the Weakerthans and the front-men of both bands have returned with glowing praise of the Attack in Black. You may not have heard them yet, but once you do you'll find yourself in agreement.

If you're still not sold, I'll add that Marriage was produced by Ian Blurton. There, happy now?