Various - Cinema Beer Goggles [VHS] (Cover Artwork)


Cinema Beer Goggles [VHS] (1996)


Well, the 2nd installment in the never ending Hopeless video series, And my personal favorite of them all. This is Cinema Beer Goggles, and it showcases some of the most well known bands in punk, as well as a few who were little known to me. Nothing better than some low budget punk videos for your prime viewing pleasure.

The video list goes like this..a bit long, but don't let your eyes cross and you'll be ok.

We begin with an FBI warning from Mark Adkins of Guttermouth..followed by their video for "End on 9" which is great, it shows the band in their heyday. A fast, melodic skate tune. Great to start this video off with.

Video #2 is the great Face to Face. The video is for "debt" from the big choice album. The theme is set in a diner and shows the band working hard for "the man" which we all know to well. The song fits the video, and the theme on how they "Don't owe you Anything".

Jugheads Revenge is next, with "49/61" from 13 kiddie favorites. Rad video, shows how this yuppie metal kid suddenly goes punk one day and how the band dosen't worry about being cool, That the fact they are able to play music is good enough for them. Singer Joe D goes through a hell of a lot of wardrobe changes in this video..from the village people, to Gene Simmons on and on....

"Soulmate" from NUFAN is the 4th video, One of my favorite songs off of Leche Con Carne..the band follows some chick around all day from a snowboarding trip to a drunken party thereafter.

88 Fingers louie has the next video for "I've Won" this song dosen't really catch my attention..set in a Photo Booth? oh well, whatever you can do to save a little $$$ I guess.

Next is The Goops...for "Booze Cabana" Truthfully I don't like this band at all, but I give them credit because Their Vocalist is fuckin hot! No more can be said.

Nofx has the next video, "Leave It Alone" from Punk in Drublic. A good song, decent video. skaters, ice cream and bbq's..that sums it up.

Next video is by a fuckin awesome band. The Bollweevils. Some of the best melodic hardcore I've heard. The song, "Fence Sitter" just shows the camera floating around downtown Chicago. It shows you don't have to have lots of major label $$$ to make a good video.

"M&M's" by Blink 182 is video #9. Good video..kinda funny. Shows the band mooching shit from their girlfriends..but little do they know their women come back to kill them. Good fake blood/paintball scene at the end.

Next, one of my favorite bands of all time, Ten Foot Pole with the video for "Broken Bubble" from the album Rev. Lots of good go-kart racing and explosions. As well as good live footage. great video combination.

Yet another Jaw-dropping band, Funeral Oration is up. The video for "Outside" is filmed in a record store..simple theme decent video...but great song.

Tiltwheel is another awesome band "Another Sappy Song About Hate" has to be the best video on this compilation. Another simple theme, Big Aaron finds a 40oz. in a dumpster chugs it, then tosses his cookies. I highly recommend you check out this band...very good stuff.

The White Kaps have the next video for "American Dream". This video is good...funny but to the point. yet another video about working for "The Man" and tells how the supposed "american dream" isn't all it's cracked up to be. The band goes from middle class to lower middle class to dirt poor. I can't really get into their brand of surf punk n roll. but the video is damn good.

Ok I'm sure you have all heard of the circle jerks...and have more than likely seen the video for "I wanna destroy you" what other video can teach you to say "I wanna destroy you" in 5 languages? c'mon.

No Fun At All has video #15. "Beach Party" is an awesome speedy melodic hardcore song. The video is live footage which brings more power to the song. If I had a chance to see them when they were together I wish I could have been at one of their intense live shows.

Ahh the end is near...The Vandals wrap it up with the video for "I have a date" good video, classic Vandals style. Hot Chick.

That's it...16 enjoyable videos, some of the music I can speak for, but a good video compilation nonetheless. Don;t bitch about this being too long, or else you would'nt have read this far.