Strike Anywhere - Change Is A Sound (Cover Artwork)

Strike Anywhere

Change Is A Sound (2001)

Jade Tree

Kid Dynamite. Good Riddance. Dag Nasty – all of these bands have had a powerful role in the punk rock & hardcore scene since the beginnings of their existence, whether it being short lived or continually progressing. There's a new name on the front and they're bearing their strongest weapon, and that name is Strike Anywhere.

With their debut full length out on Jade Tree Records, Strike Anywhere blend the sounds of fast melodic punk rock with a taste of that classic hardcore edge. The band musicianship is outstanding, but that focus is lost while listening to catchy and thought-provoking lyrics. This album makes you think. They cover topics such as women's rights (Chalkine), police brutality (Sunset on 32nd), the overthrowing of corporate power (You're Fired) and government betrayal and emptiness (Laughter In A Police State). Overall, this album is a sing-a-long, youth anthem-inspiring masterpiece. Strike Anywhere are an up-and-coming powerhouse in the political music scene.

    "They say we live like this, and so we die like this, nothing will change, but for the same, if we don't resist the greed from the start, the hate in our hearts, the trust torn apart. In this life we teach them to remember. We are the fire in the eyes of the young population." –from ‘Three on a Match'